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Not to get married

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I met a guy who was perfect on paper, but there was one vital ingredient missing: love.

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After 14 years of friendship, I think it’s time to end it. The question is whether I should just let things slip away quietly or “consciously defriend” my once bestie.

If my older self could tell my younger self what signs to look out for, she’d tell me this . . .

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When I told friends and family that I wanted to become a vegetarian, they were happy for me. None of them doubted me, or told me how delicious meat was and how badly I’d be missing out by not eating it. When I told them about not wanting children, the reaction was very different

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There is so much societal pressure to be a certain size and shape. But is becoming obsessed with calories or restricting the foods you eat really a healthier way to live?

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After knee surgery I wasn’t able to have a shower, let alone shave my legs. Six months on and there’s no going back…

Why I started shaving in the first place

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